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This collection does not have any deviations yet!
• Accidentshipping (IV x Rio)
• Accusedshipping (Yuma x Todoroki x Kotori)
• Aceshipping (Yuma x No. 39: Hope)
• Actshipping (Dark Yuma x Astral)
• Adventureshipping (Kazuma x Mirai)
• Aerialshipping (III x Kotori)
• Alienshipping (Astral x Dark Astral x Barian)
• Aloneshipping (Haruto x Fuya)
• Altershipping (III x Ryoga/Shark x Yuma)
• Alternativeshipping (Dark Astral x Zeal)
• Angershipping (IV x Dr. Faker)
• Anxietyshipping (Kaito x Droite)
• Assassinateshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Dr. Faker)
• Arclightshipping (Bryon x V x IV x III)
• Arcticshipping (Kazuma x Mirai x Astral)
• Aurashipping (Zeal x Astral)
• Autographshipping (IV x ESPer Robin)
• Avengeshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Rio)
• Aztecshipping (III x Yuma)
• Bargeshipping (Kaito x Ryoga/Shark x Yuma x Astral)
• Battleshipping (No. 39: Hope x No. 96: Black Mist)
• Bazookashipping (Anna x Yuma)
• Beautyshipping (Mirai x Droite)
• Bedriddenshipping (III x Rio)
• Believeshipping (Yuma x Astral x Kotori)
• Berserkshipping (Haruto x IV)
• Betrayalshipping (Dr. Faker x Bryon x Kazuma)
• BlackMistshipping (Dark Astral x Astral)
• Blueshipping (Fuya x Todoroki)
• Blushshipping (Anna x Cathy x Kotori)
• Bickershipping (Yuma x Obomi)
• Bindshipping (Dark Astral x Yuma x Astral)
• Bittershipping (IV x Astral)
• Braidshipping (Tron x V)
• Broomshipping (Yuma x Haru)
• Brothershipping (V x Haruto)
• Brokenshipping (IV x Takashi)
• Boldshipping (Anna x Gauche)
• Boltshipping (Yuma x Astral x Shobee)
• Boostshipping (Kaito x Anna)
• Bonceshipping (Anna x Gagaga Magician Girl)
• Butterflyshipping (Droite x Kaito x Haruto)
• Cakeshipping (Tron x Mr. Heartland)
• Calmshipping (V x Droite)
• Canineshipping (Fallguys Wolf x Fallguys Jackal x Fallguys Coyote x Dog-chan)
• Capeshipping (ESPer Robin x Fuya x ESPer Star Robin)
• Captivatedshipping (Gauche x Yuma)
• Caramelshipping (Yuma x Haruto)
• Careshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Yuma x Kotori)
• Catchshipping (Tetsuo x Tokunosuke)
• Catchphraseshipping (Todoroki x Tokunosuke)
• CatDogshipping (Cathy x Dog-chan)
• Cattobingushipping (Yuma X Cathy)
• CatTrapshipping (Cathy x Kotori)
• Challengeshipping (Kaito x Ryoga/Shark)
• Changeshipping (Dark Astral x Kaito)
• Chaseshipping (Gauche x Droite x Haruto)
• Cheatshipping (Kaio x Rikuo)
• Cheershipping (Todoroki x Cathy x Kotori)
• Childhoodshipping (Tetsuo x Kotori)
• Clubshipping (Yuma x Astral x Tetsuo x Kotori x Todoroki x Tokunosuke x Cathy)
• Coatsshipping (V x IV x III x Tron x Kaito)
• Constrastshipping (Gauche x V)
• Companionshipping (Yuma x Ryoga/Shark x Astral)
• Comradeshipping (Todoroki x Tokunosuke x Cathy)
• Concernshipping (Gauche x Droite x Kaito)
• Confessshipping (Yuma x Anna x Cathy)
• Confessionshipping (Anna x Kotori)
• Conflictshipping (Kaito x IV x Ryoga/Shark x Yuma)
• Contractshipping (Yuma x EvilDoor)
• Controlshipping (Dark Astral x Kaito x Astral)
• Costumeshipping (Mr. Heartland x Tokunosuke)
• Crashbugshipping (Ukyo x Todoroki)
• Cruiseshipping (Cathy x Tokunosuke)
• Crushshipping (Tron x Mr. Heartland x Dr. Faker)
• Cryshipping (Kaito x Astral x Haruto)
• Curveshipping (Astral x Tetsuko)
• Dangershipping (Ryoga/Shark x Kotori)
• Dappershipping (Ryoga/Shark x Reginald[dub])
• Dareshipping (Yuma x Tetsuo x Kotori)
• Decieveshipping (Tron x Dr. Faker)
• Deceivementshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Tokunosuke)
• Deckshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Tetsuo)
• Delinquentshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Fuya)
• Despairshipping (III x Yuma x Astral)
• Despiteshipping (Dr. Faker x Astral)
• Destructionshipping (Dark Astral x III)
• Determinationshipping (Todoroki x Cathy)
• Devilshipping (Kaito x Mr. Heartland)
• Devolveshipping (III x Haruto x Yuma)
• Diamondshipping (Kaito x Rio)
• Dilateshipping (V x Kaito)
• Dimensionshipping (ESPer Robin x Astral)
• Disqualifyshipping (IV x Ryoga/Shark)
• Doggubingushipping (Yuma x Dog-chan)
• Dominoshipping (Tokunosuke x Taichi)
• DobleTagshipping (III x IV x Kaito x Yuma)
• Dobtshipping (Tetsuo x Astral)
• Dressshipping (Akari x Kotori)
• Duckshipping (Astral x Obomi)
• Eldershipping (Rokujuro x Haru)
• Electronshipping (Kaito x Dark Yuma)
• Encorageshipping (Todoroki x Kotori)
• Entropyshipping (Dark Yuma x IV)
• Esteemshipping (IV x Todoroki)
• Faceshipping (Tron x Haruto x Kaito)
• Fanshipping (ESPer Robin x Kotori)
• Fanserviceshipping (IV x IV)
• Fancypantsshipping (Kaito x ESPer Robin x Fuya)
• Fantasticshipping (Mr. Heartland x Haruto)
• Fantasyshipping (Fuya x Astral)
• Fashionshipping (Gauche x Fuya)
• Fathershipping (Kazuma x Bryon)
• Fearshipping (Kaito x Astral)
• Flameshipping (Tron x IV x Rio)
• Flexibleshipping (Cathy x Astral)
• Flightshipping (Astral x Anna)
• Flipsideshipping (Tokunosuke x Yuma x Astral)
• Forbiddenshipping (Akari x Yuma)
• Formshipping (Dark Astral x No. 96: Black Mist)
• Frictionshipping (Yuma x Astral x ESPer Robin x Fuya)
• Furnitureshipping (Tron x Bryon)
• Fusionshipping (Kaito x Zeal)
• Fussshipping (Yuma x Kotori x Cathy x Tetsuo)
• Gagagashipping (Gagaga Magician x Gagaga Magician Girl)
• Galaxyshipping (Tron x No. 83: Galaxy Queen)
• GalaxyQueenshipping (Fuya’s Mother (actress) x No. 83: Galaxy Queen)
• Gallantshipping (Gauche x Kazuma)
• Gangshipping (Kaio x Riko x Ryoga/Shark)
• Giftshipping (Bryon x III)
• Glareshipping (Tokunosuke x Kotori)
• Gogogoshipping (Gogogo Golem x Gogogo Giant)
• Guardshipping (Photon Butterfly Assassin x Photon Streak Boncer)
• Guideshipping (Dr. Faker x Kazuma)
• Gymnasticsshiopping (Taiki x Sachi)
• Hactionshipping (Yuma x ESPer Robin x Astral)
• Hastyshipping (Gauche x Kaito)
• Haughtyshipping (Kazuma x Gauche x Anna)
• Hazardshipping (Fallguys Wolf x Anna)
• Heartshipping (Ukyo x Ryoga/Shark)
• Helicoptershipping (V x Gauche x Droite)
• Hiddenshipping (Dark Astral x Kaito x Yuma)
• HighTideshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Luna)
• Hireshipping (Tron x V x Fallguys Wolf x Fallguys Coyote x Fallguys Jackal)
• Humiliatedshipping (V x Gauche x Haruto)
• Huntshipping (Kaito x IV x Yuma x Astral)
• Iceshipping (Droite x Ryoga/Shark)
• Illuminateshipping (Kaito x Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon)
• Indigoshipping (V x Ryoga/Shark)
• Interestshipping (Anna x Cathy)
• Intimidatedshipping (Jin x Yuma x Astral)
• Involvedshipping (Kaito x Ryoga/Shark x Fuya)
• Jungleshipping (Tron x Droite x Yuma)
• Justiceshipping (ESPer Robin x Yuma x Fuya)
• Kattobingushipping (Dark Yuma x Yuma)
• Kattobingulessshipping (Yuma x Kattobinguless Yuma)
• Keyshipping (Yuma x Astral) []
• Kidnapshipping (Tron x V x Haruto)
• Kissushipping (Charlie x Akari)
• Levelshipping (Yuma x Gagaga Magician)
• Lickshipping (Gauche x Tokunosuke)
• Lionbirdshipping (ESPer Robin x Yuma)
• Lockshipping (Dark Astral x Dark Yuma)
• Lockandkeyshipping (Dark Astral x Dark Yuma x Yuma x Astral)
• Lonershipping (Kaito x Cathy)
• Lostshipping (Kaito x Yuma x Haruto)
• Luckyshipping (Charlie x Number 7: Lucky Stripe)
• Lungeshipping (Dark Astral x Tetsuo)
• Maliceshipping (Tron x V x IV x III x Dr. Faker)
• Manipulateshipping (Dr. Faker x Mr. Heartland x Kaito x Haruto)
• Markingsshipping (Tron x Astral)
• Maskshipping (ESPer Robin x Cathy)
• Memoryshipping (Astral x No. 39: Hope)
• Mercilessshipping (IV x Todoroki x Tetsuo)
• Midgetshipping (Tokunosuke x Shobee)
• Missionshipping (Astral x Haruto)
• Modestyshipping (Tron x III)
• Mooncestshipping (Kaito x Haruto)
• Mothershipping (ESPer Robin x Number 83: Galaxy Queen)
• Motorbikeshipping (Kaito x Ryoga/Shark x Akari)
• Nightshipping (Yuma x Cathy x Astral)
• Ninjashipping (Yamikawa x Akari)
• Numbersshipping (Kaito x Yuma x Astral)
• Obaashipping (Haru x Yone)
• Observeshipping (Tron x V x III)
• Oldersiblingshipping (V x Akari)
• OOPArtsshipping (Bryon x Tron x III)
• Oozeshipping (Dark Astral x Yuma x Tetsuo)
• Originalshipping (Yuma x Astral x No. 39: Hope)
• Ozoneshipping (Kaito x Orbital 7 x Dr. Faker)
• Partnershipping (Yuma x Kakeru)
• Performanceshipping (IV x Fuya)
• Photonshipping (Kaito x Yuma)
• Photoncest (Kaito x Kaito)
• Placidshipping (Tron x Droite)
• Positiveshipping (Yuma x Rei)
• Powershipping (Tron x Haruto)
• Powerlustshipping (No. 17 Leviathan Dragon x Ryoga/Shark)
• Practicalshipping (Mirai x V)
• Prizeshipping (Fallguys Wolf x Fallguys Coyote)
• Pressureshipping (Fuya x Fuya’s Mother)
• Proctorshipping (Gauche x Droite)
• Professionalshipping (Mr. Heartland x Gauche x Droite)
• Promiseshipping (Kazuma x Yuma)
• Proofshipping (Tetsuo x Kotori x Astral)
• Propershipping (Kotori x Fuya)
• Protectshipping (IV x Ryoga/Shark x Yuma)
• Protectionshipping (Kaito x Akari)
• Pupilshipping (Yuma x Yamikawa)
• Rageshipping (Tron x Kaito)
• Rainshipping (V x Kaito x Haruto)
• Reachotshipping (Tron x Yuma)
• Rebelshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Akari)
• Redemptionshipping (III x Yuma x Fuya)
• Relayshipping (Droite x Yuma x Kaito)
• Repelshipping (IV x III x Kaito x Astral)
• Rescueshipping (Yuma x Anna x Gauche)
• Reserveshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Cathy)
• Responsibilityshipping (Astral x Akari)
• Restlessshipping (Tron x Droite x Kaito)
• Restrainshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Yuma x Tetsuo)
• Revengeshipping (Tron x Ryoga/Shark)
• Ribbonshipping (Kotori x Obomi)
• Robinshipping (ESPer Robin x Fuya)
• Robotshipping (Orbital 7 x Obomi)
• Romanshipping (III x IV x V)
• Royalshipping (IV x Yuma) []
• Rushshipping (Tetsuo x Akari)
• Ruthlessshipping (Tron x V x IV)
• Sacrificeshipping (Fallguys Wolf x Fallguys Jackal x Fallguys Coyote)
• Sacrificialshipping (Tron x III x Yuma)
• Scandalshipping (Ryoga/Shark x ESPer Robin)
• Scientistshipping (Dr. Faker x Bryon)
• Screamshipping (Dark Astral x Haruto)
• Searchshipping (Yuma x Kaito x Astral x Kotori x Orbital 7)
• Seashipping (III x Ryoga/Shark)
• Seekshipping (Jin x Astral)
• Servantshipping (Kaito x Orbital 7)
• Shackleshipping (III x Astral)
• Sharkshipping (Ryoga/Shark x No. 32: Shark Drake)
• Sharkbaitshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Yuma) []
• Shoveshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Orbital 7)
• Shyshipping (Fuya x Cathy)
• Sideshipping (Kotori x Orbital 7)
• Sistershipping (Akari x Tetsuko)
• Skyshipping (Yuma x Kotori)
• Snatchshipping (Kaito x IV x Ryoga/Shark)
• Snarkshipping (Tron x IV)
• Sneakshiping (Yuma x Fuya x Astral)
• Soccershipping (Kakeru x Yuma x Astral)
• Spaceshipping (V x Kaito x Yuma)
• Spectatorshipping (Kotori x Tetsuo x Takashi x Tokunosuke x Cathy)
• Spidershipping (Fuya x Yuma)
• Spidersharkshipping (Kyoji x Ryoga/Shark)
• Stealshipping (Cathy x Akari)
• Stolenshipping (Kaito x Ryoga/Shark x Yuma)
• Stubshipping (Dr. Faker x Haruto)
• Suaveshipping (Kazuma x V)
• Substituteshipping (Dog-chan x Chukichi/Dog Duelist)
• Suffershipping (Tron x IV x Ryoga/Shark)
• Summaryshipping (Todoroki x Yuma)
• Sunshipping (Ukyo x Ryoga/Shark x Yuma)
• Sunsetshipping (Yuma x Astral x Tetsuo)
• Supportshipping (Kotori x Orbital 7 x Astral)
• Surrendershipping (ESPer Robin x Star Robin)
• Suspendersshipping (Kaito x IV)
• Sweetshipping (Kaito x III)

• Tacticshipping (Kaito x Ryoga/Shark x Astral)
• Takedashipping (Tetsuo x Tetsuko)
• Tartshipping (III x IV x Yuma)
• Tauntshipping (Yuma x Tetsuo)
• Teachershipping (Ukyo x V)
• Teaserviceshipping (III x IV)
• Televisionshipping (Tron x Astral)
• Tentacleshipping (Dark Astral x Yuma)
• Thighshipping (Kaito x Rio)
• Tomatoshipping (Hosaku x Yuma)
• Tortureshipping (IV x Dark Astral)
• Toghshipping (Anna x Rio)
• Trainshipping (Charlie x Yuma)
• Transparentshipping (Astral x Kotori)
• Transportshipping (Kazuma x Astral)
• Tranquilshipping (V x III)
• Tronshipping (Tron x III x IV x V)
• Trustshipping (Tokunosuke x Yuma)
• Truthshipping (Dr. Faker x Kaito)
• Tsukumoshipping (Kazuma x Mirai x Yuma x Akari)
• Turnshipping (Dark Astral x Dark Yuma x Astral)
• Unawareshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Astral)
• Uninvolvedshipping (Ryoga/Shark x Fuya x Yuma)
• Vegetableshipping (Hosaku x Captain Corn)
• Vendettashipping (IV x V)
• Victimshipping (Fuya x III)
• Viewshipping (V x Yuma)
• Villianshipping (Mr. Heartland x Dr. Faker)
• Visionshipping (Tron x Haruto x Astral)
• Wandershipping (Ryoga/Shark x Haruto)
• Wardrobeshipping (Yuma x Cathy x Kotori)
• Whipshipping (Kaito x ESPer Robin)
• Willshipping (Kaito x Kotori)
• Worldshipping (Kazuma x Astral x Yuma)
• Worryshipping (Kaito x Haruto x Orbital 7)
• Worshipshipping (Kaito x Jin)
• Worthshipping (Kaito x Fuya)
• Yumashipping (Yuma x Kattobinguless Yuma x Dark Yuma)
• Zexalshipping (Zeal x Yuma x Astral)

YGO series / ZeXal crossover list
• Amnesiashipping (Yami Yugi x Astral)
• Bandageshipping (Shizuka x Rio)
• Buddyshipping (Jonochi x Ryoga/Shark)
• Beserkshipping (Kiryu x IV)
• Crimsonshipping (Yami Yugi x Yuma)
• DejaVushipping (Yugi x Astral)
• Intravenosshipping (Yami Bakura x IV)
• Jasmineshipping (Black Magician Girl x III)
• Stubbornshipping (Mana x Yuma)
• Telepathshipping (Yugi x Yami Yugi x Yuma x Astral)
• Trickshipping (Haga x Tokunosuke)
• Ambiguosshipping (Yubel x Astral)
• Fluffyshipping (Judai x Anna)
• Honeyshipping (Hao Judai x Anna)
• Iceshipping (Asuka x Rio)
• Lightshipping (Ryo/Kaiser x Kaito)
• Littlebrothershipping (Sho x III)
• Meltshipping (Jim x V)
• Monochromeshipping (Jun x IV)
• Professorshipping (Daitokuji x Ukyo)
• Reishipping (Rei x Rei)
• Seashockshipping (Jun x Ryoga/Shark)
• Shrimpshipping (Judai x Yuma)
• Stormshipping (Jun x Kaito)
• Thundershipping (Jun x Thunder Spark)
5Ds / ZX
• Blueheartshipping (Bruno x Rio)
• Catshipping (Bruno x Cathy)
• Crustaceanshipping (Yusei x Yuma)
• Fortuneshipping (Carly x Jin)
• Misnomershipping (Crow x Yuma)
• Oceanshipping (Yusei x Ryoga/Shark)
• Reportershipping (Carly x Akari)
• Shineshipping (Yusei x Kaito)
• Stoicshipping (Yusei x V)
• Twinsshipping (Rua x Ruka x Ryoga/Shark x Rio)

DM / GX / ZX
• Spiritshipping (Yami Yugi x Yubel x Astral)
DM / 5Ds / ZX
• Deepblueshipping (Seto x Yusei x Ryoga/Shark)
GX / 5Ds / GX
• Tuneshipping (Fubuki x Kiryu x Kaito)
DM / GX / 5Ds / ZX
• WhiteKnightshipping (Seto x Jun x Jack x Kaito)
• Protagirlshipping (Anzu x Asuka x Aki x Kotori)
• Ruinsshipping (Paradox x Astral)
• Timeshipping (Paradox x Kaito)
-Zeal - Yuma / Astral “ZeXal” fusion form
-Captain Corn is a character from the ZEXAL manga
-Thunder Spark is a character from the ZEXAL manga
-Luna is a character from the ZEXAL manga
-Kyoji is a character from the ZEXAL manga
-Taiki is the character from the one-hor special ZEXAL episode

Un-named Shippings:
• Yusei x Yuma x Ryoga ( 1 )
• Tron x Haruto x Yuma ( 1 )
• Ukyo x Yuma ( 1 )
• V x Fuya ( 1 )
• Ryoga x Ryota ( 1 )
• Yuma x Rio ( 1 )
• Kaito x Kyoji ( 1 )

if information about a pairing is needed, I'll look into it and see what I can relay back!
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